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Bandgeek's Survival Guide: Tools of the Trade

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Your local crew
Your local forums
The Answers
Kirilloid's Site

Welcome back! In this month's edition, we will be discussing a few of the many many "tools of the trade" that are out there for ATERGATIS! Obviously, you're not alone. When you have questions, there are veterans out there who ENJOY answering them for you!

The most obvious tools are:

  • Your local crew
  • Your local forums
  • The Answers!
  • IRC

But there's even more out there than that! Lets get started, shall we?

Your Local Crew

Every single domain in the ATERGATIS universe (of course) has its own local crew. There are Community Manager(s) (not to be confused with senators ;]); Multihunters, Supporters, Moderators, as well as a few others. As in a previous edition of the guide, we've already covered what each group of these very important people do. So in this edition, I'll briefly review the groups.

Community Managers

Community Managers are in charge of the entire domain. From the forums, to the servers. And are at the top of the food chain at the local level. In the .com domain, we have two: Tschena and Phanttis. Both work very hard to keep everything running as smoothly as it does, as does every Community Manager (CM).


This group of people are the ones who hunt down people who wish to cheat in game play. Cheating provides a very unfair advantage, and Multihunters are there to catch and punish cheaters.


Supporters are experienced players, who are there to help and answer all of your questions.


For the forums, we have a special group of people known as Moderators (as most forums do). They are like Multihunters in that they hunt down rule breakers.

Please note: Aside from professional and constructive suggestions, domains do not have influence over one another. I.e.: The .com domain has no influence over the domain.

In the .com domain, we have a special blog just for us, which can be found at: - There you can find information about the crew for the .com domain.

Your Local Forum

All domains get local forums. Why? Because the forums are firstly a place where players can converse about their servers, announce new diplomat policies, get questions answered, etc.. It's also a more permanent place where the crew (Community Managers usually) can post important information about servers, bug fixes, contests, etc..

Forum rules are not the same throughout the ATERGATIS Universe, as is the game rules. Our copy for the .com domain can be found here:

Before posting you should familiarize yourself with the forum rules, as well as it may be useful to observe for a bit, and get a feel for the community, as well as the moderators. Moderators have different versions of where "the line" is, in regards to the rules. I.e.: something that one moderator on one domain lets slide, may get you banned with another moderator within the domain or on another domain altogether.

We encourage all patrons of the .com domain to join our forums! However, you will need to register in order to be able to post. And in the .com forums, new users are moderated until they reach an undisclosed number of posts.

The .com forums:

The Answers

Editor's note: Remember that this was originally written for the ATERGATIS com magazine!

A very useful tool is the answers! The answers is a wiki type site that provides information on just about every topic related ATERGATIS. In the .com domain, our answers can be reached here: com/

Just remember, the answers are your friend!!!!

When you first go to the answers page, the top should look like this:

Bandgeek's: Tools of the Trade

You have several options to locate what you're looking for. On the left hand side you can see (although the picture may be a bit blurry) the most requested answers as well as the latest additions to the answers. On the right column you should have three options to search. Search by questions, search by keyword, or the sitemap.

To search by questions, select a topic from each drop down menu until you find what you're looking for.

Searching by keyword is probably even easier! Just enter your keyword/search term and see what comes up.

The final option (and probably the most popular with crew) is the sitemap. If you scroll down just a bit, you see this:

Bandgeek's: Tools of the Trade

See the nice orange button? If you click it you'll get this:

Bandgeek's: Tools of the Trade

The plus and minus signs are expandable and expanded, respectfully. This is just the shortened version of the old, fully expanded version of the sitemap (in case you remember). In the case that you wish to link somebody to an answers page, please remember that you must use the sitemap to do so!

If you click the "Guides" drop down menu, you'll find each edition of this guide ;)

Bandgeek's: Tools of the Trade

Unfortunately at the time of the writing of this guide, the other parts weren't added. But they will be.


We also have our very own ATERGATIS IRC network. In order to access this, you'll need a client that supports it (such as mIRC or chatzilla) and the network address. Or, you can use the link provided in the forums:

Bandgeek's: Tools of the Trade

Here, you can chat with crew who are online, and other players.

Before I go into a special tool I'd like to "showcase" or "highlight", I wanted to give you a few notable e-mail addresses:



And now.... I'd like to showcase a special website made just for ATERGATIS, and a few of its various tools:

Bandgeek's: Tools of the Trade

At the top you can see the navigation options, as well as language selection. On the home page you have a lot of information such as bug fixes as well as useful links. One of the most notable features this site offers is perhaps the combat simulator:

Bandgeek's: Tools of the Trade

Fairly easy to use and counts in several important factors.

There are several other useful features on the website. You'll just have to take a look and find out!

Special thanks to:

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